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Experience the powerful Integration Between Skypostal & Shopify

SkyPostal is now available on Shopify, one of the world's largest eCommerce platforms. This integration brings together SkyPostal's industry-leading shipping solutions with Shopify's comprehensive features. Shopify empowers businesses like yours with a suite of tools to create, manage, and grow your online presence effortlessly.

Optimize your shipping with skyPostal

Merchants shipping into Latin America can now use this partnership to fully optimize online store operations. SkyPostal’s dashboard can be setup in minutes, and has endless features tailored to support your business:

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Effortlessly connect your account to unlock a wide range of delivery options.

No need for complex setups – just connect and start exploring.

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Manage your orders with ease, one at a time or all at once.

You can process them directly from your store's admin panel, giving you greater control over your shipping.

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Set up custom shipping rules to perfectly match your needs.

This includes choosing your preferred delivery methods, package sizes, and recipient addresses.

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Stay on top of your shipments and keep your customers informed.

You can easily track all your packages and set up automated notifications to update your customers about their deliveries.

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Start your SkyPostal Shopify integration today!

The SkyPostal dashboard on Shopify is free to download and requires little configuration. We have partnered with Itembase, a team of technical experts that will guide you through the Shopify store configuration process. This support is available to any SkyPostal client and is completely free.
To get started, schedule your SkyPostal Shopify Integration call today.

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