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SkyPostal & Easyship: Ship Faster, Sell More & Save (Limited Offer)

At SkyPostal, not only are we in the business of securely delivering your packages, we are also in the business of empowering your expansion. Our powerful integrations between SkyPostal x Easyship are some of the most exclusive in the industry. For a limited time, SkyPostal clients can enjoy full access to Easyship's highest tier version, which can save you up to $199 a month. This partnership does not exist with any other logistics company, which is why SkyPostal is proud to extend the offer to merchants like you shipping into Latin America.    

Are you wondering if your eCommerce platform is compatible with Easyship? Don’t worry, they have got you covered. Easyship has over 55+ direct sales channel connections to choose from including Shopify, WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento) and more. Connecting your store to Easyship takes as little as 5 minutes.

All in one tools

Simplifying Your Shipping Process!

Once your store is connected, you will be one step closer to experiencing the all-in-one benefits offered on Easyship to help you take control and optimize your end-to-end delivery management. Say goodbye to manual processes that eat up your day and benefit from dozens of platform features designed to automate your shipping. 

These features will allow you to focus on what really matters—expanding your reach in Latin America and perfecting your customer experience for international shipments. Easyship’s convenient features like global fulfillment, dynamic rates at checkout, and branded tracking notifications make this possible (all at no charge to you thanks to SkyPostal and Easyship).

Features that improve customer experience

Between SkyPostal's reliable delivery network and Easyship's powerful all-in-one shipping management tool, your business will be positioned for international growth and expansion. Maximize the profitability of your store with increased efficiency and a reduction in shipping costs, allowing you to reinvest in marketing to reach new customers across Latin America.
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Courier Comparison
End-to-End Tracking
Complete Shipping Document Creation
Address Validation
Weight/Volumetric Reconciliation
Rates and Checkouts
Instant Shipping Rates
Tax and Duty Calculator
Flexible Sipping Rules
Use Your Own Contracted Rates
Branded Notifications
Global Fulfillment
Box Algorithm
Plus Much More!
Ready to save on shipping? Get instant access to a range of premium features on Easyship today with this exclusive partnership through SkyPostal. Schedule your SkyPostal x Easyship call today to get started.