Effortless Shipping to Peru: Hassle-Free Delivery

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Peru is not merely a far-off point on the world map; it is a vibrant center of opportunity waiting to be discovered. 

For businesses keen to stake their claim, a solid grasp of international shipping, mainly shipping to Peru, can be the difference between success and failure.

With a population of over 32 million, Peru is driving growth and fueling a rising middle class with a taste for international brands. However, before you start parcel delivery to Peru, be prepared to face some hurdles.

International Shipping to Peru

Shipping to Peru involves a few key considerations. International shipping can be complex but manageable with proper information, preparation, and the right carrier.

This post covers essential aspects of international shipping to Peru, including what it entails, the process, and associated fees. By understanding these factors, you can ensure a smooth shipping experience to Peru.

What is International Shipping?

International shipping involves sending goods from one country to another. It requires navigating customs regulations, completing necessary paperwork, and ensuring safe package delivery.

When shipping to Peru, familiarize yourself with the country's requirements and restrictions. This post will guide you through the essential details.

How to Ship Internationally to Peru

To ship internationally to Peru, select a reliable shipping carrier like SkyPostal that services the country. Properly package your items, complete the required customs forms, and ensure compliance with Peru's import regulations.

Be aware of prohibited or restricted items, which will be discussed later in this post. Taking these steps will help facilitate a successful international shipment to Peru.

International Shipping Fees for Peru

The shipping cost to Peru varies based on package size, weight, shipping method, and additional services required. International shipping generally costs more than domestic shipping.

To keep costs down, compare rates from different carriers and select the most economical option that meets your needs. Researching and planning can help you find the best value for international shipping to Peru.

Shipping Services for Peru

Peru offers several shipping options. This section covers the various international parcel shipping services available and provides tips on saving on international shipping rates.

International Parcel Shipping Services

Are you looking to send a package to Peru? There are plenty of international parcel shipping services, including popular options like...

  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • Express Mail International
  • Priority Mail International
  • First-Class Package International Service

Each service offers different delivery times, tracking options, and insurance coverage. Choose the one that specializes in shipping to Latin American countries, like SkyPostal. We best fit your needs and budget. (We also offer duty and tax exemptions for anything under $200.)

International Shipping Services

Beyond parcel shipping, Peru offers a range of international shipping services, including:

  • Courier
  • Registered Mail
  • International Business Reply Service
  • International Reply Coupons

These services help send documents, obtain return receipts, or provide prepaid postage for international recipients. Consider these options when shipping to Peru.

How to Save on International Shipping Rates to Peru

Optimize your packaging to minimize size and weight to save on international shipping rates. Consider consolidating multiple items into a single shipment and take advantage of any discounts or promotions carriers offer. By following these tips, you can keep your international shipping costs to Peru affordable.

Shipping Restrictions and Prohibited Items

Before shipping to Peru, familiarize yourself with the country's shipping restrictions and prohibited items. Non-compliance can lead to delays, seizures, or legal consequences.

Restricted Items

Some items may be restricted when shipping to Peru, requiring special documentation or permits. These can include:

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Agricultural products
  • Chemicals and hazardous materials.

Research the specific requirements for any restricted items you plan to ship and ensure you have the necessary documentation.

Prohibited Items

Certain items are strictly prohibited from being shipped to Peru, including:

  • Radioactive materials
  • Perishable infectious biological substances
  • Counterfeit currency and securities payable to bearer

Attempting to ship prohibited items can result in severe penalties and legal consequences. Before shipping, familiarize yourself with Peru's prohibited items list.

Special Documentation Requirements

Some shipments to Peru may require special documentation, such as a DNI if shipping to Peru. For example, if you're shipping items valued over $2,000, you must provide a commercial invoice and other supporting documents.

The last thing you want is for your shipment to get held up in customs. Take a few minutes to double-check your documentation before sending your package, and you'll be spared the frustration.

Customs Forms and Documentation

Another thing to remember when shipping to Peru is to complete the necessary customs forms and documentation. These forms provide essential details about your shipment and ensure a hassle-free customs clearance process.

Required Customs Forms

The most common customs forms for shipping to Peru are:

When preparing to ship items internationally, you must gather some crucial information. This includes the contact details of both the sender and the recipient, a detailed description of the goods being exported, their value, and the purpose behind the shipment.

Commercial Invoice

Imagine inspecting the contents of a shipment to Peru without opening the box. A commercial invoice provides a detailed, line-by-line account of the items, their quantities, values, and harmonized tariff codes - essential information for calculating duties and taxes.

A commercial invoice is required for shipments valued over $2,000 when shipping to Peru. Ensure your commercial invoice is accurate and complete to avoid delays or issues with customs clearance.

Consular Invoice

When shipping to Peru, don't be surprised if you're asked to produce a consular invoice. This document, which originates from the Peruvian consulate in the country of origin, verifies the shipment's value and contents.

Consular invoices often require notarized signatures and additional fees. Check with the Peruvian consulate to determine if a consular invoice is necessary for your shipment.

Waybill/Shipping Invoice

A shipping carrier's contract with you begins with a waybill, which tags along with your package and outlines the journey. It's like a checklist for the sender, recipient, and carrier, covering essential details like addresses, package contents, and chosen shipping service.

When shipping to Peru, ensure your waybill is accurate and complete. Customs authorities will use it to process your shipment.

Shipping Limits and Dimensions

Before you ship to Peru, double-check your chosen shipping service's size and weight restrictions. Going over these limits can lead to unexpected fees or your shipment being turned down.

Maximum Length, Width, and Height

The maximum dimensions for packages shipped to Peru vary depending on the shipping carrier and service selected. Generally, the maximum length for most services is around 46 inches, while the maximum combined length, width, and height (girth) is usually about 108 inches.

Measure your package carefully and ensure it falls within the specified dimensions for your chosen shipping service. This will help avoid any issues with size limits when shipping to Peru.

Weight Limits

Each shipping service to Peru has its weight limits for packages. For example, Global Express Guaranteed has a weight limit of 70 pounds, while Priority Mail International has a limit of 44 pounds.

Don't let weight issues weigh you down. Check your package's weight carefully to avoid going over the limit. You want to avoid dealing with extra fees or a rejected shipment.

Size Limits

In addition to weight limits, packages shipped to Peru have size limits. These limits consider the package's length, width, and height (girth).

If your package exceeds the size limits for your chosen shipping service, it may need to be sent using a specialized shipping service or freight forwarder. Research the size restrictions for your chosen service and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth shipping experience to Peru.

Shipping to Peru: Final Thoughts

Shipping to Peru may seem daunting initially, but with the proper knowledge and preparation, it can be a smooth and rewarding process. By understanding the customs regulations, required documentation, and shipping options available, you can confidently send your goods to Peru and expand your business in this growing market.

Always correctly package your items, clearly label your shipments, and provide accurate and complete documentation to avoid delays or additional fees. Consult a reliable shipping partner or customs broker who can guide you through the process and ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time.

As Peru continues its upward trajectory, companies that crack the code on shipping to this emerging market will reap the rewards of global expansion. Contact SkyPostal today to begin working with a Latin American-specializing shipping carrier.