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International Shipping Needs: SkyPostal's Personalized Approach

Monday, June 25, 2018
2 mins

The international shipping needs of every business are different. Whether your company has established international roots already or you’re looking to break into emerging markets, now is a great time to reevaluate your international shipping needs. Make sure you’re getting the personalized approach your business requires to enjoy superior value and service for all of your international logistics.

Why a Personalized Approach Matters

Having worked for twenty years with U.S. and European companies looking to break into the Latin American markets, we know from experience that a personalized approach to your international shipping needs is crucial to your company’s success abroad—and your customer’s overall satisfaction with your brand.

Look at retailers like Amazon, who, as Forbes reports, is striving to gain greater control over their logistics to improve customer satisfaction with personalized shipping innovations like direct-to-car deliveries. This enhanced customer experience wouldn’t be possible without a logistics partner willing and able to personalize the shipping process.>

Lessons from 20 Years Resolving International Shipping Needs

It takes time to locate, negotiate, and develop relationships with logistical providers in Latin America—there just isn’t the same infrastructure and uniformity as there is in North America or Europe. Plus, it’s a challenge to understand foreign laws and regulations and choose the right global shipment methods.

Understanding local laws and regulations can keep your goods from being held up in customs. - image source

Every company’s needs are different depending on where and what they’re shipping, but SkyPostal’s commitment to creating the best logistics experience never changes. Here are a few examples of how our years of experience and local network of couriers and logistics experts allows us to provide a personalized approach for our client’s international shipping needs throughout Latin America.

The Missing Piece

The challenge: Our client’s packages were missing a critical piece of information (identification numbers) needed to clear Brazilian customs.

The solution: SkyPostal set up a service with a local company in Brazil that provided those numbers for just a few cents a package. Now, our client controls this process using a web service we created for them, without experiencing delays in their shipping process.

The lesson: Unique requirements for each country’s customs process can be a headache, but with the right local partners and online logistics capabilities, they can be easily overcome.

Connecting the Dots

The challenge: Our client’s address list didn’t conform to the postal address standards of the destination country where their packages were being delivered.

The solution: SkyPostal created a process that automatically fills in the gaps using postal and city codes from our own database to improve delivery success rates. Any packages for which we can’t connect the dots automatically are manually investigated and corrected, avoiding costly delivery failures.

The lesson: Overcoming the infrastructure challenges across Latin America requires local knowledge and resources with partners on the ground who are willing to go the extra mile to get things right.

Managing all your international shipping needs requires familiarity with everything from fulfillment warehouses to local customs. - image source

Fulfilling Expectations

The challenge: One country’s customs process required our client to provide the IMEI code for the purchased product on the outside of their packages. The problem was that the IMEI number wasn’t assigned until after the order was fulfilled and labels had already been generated.

The solution: SkyPostal created a web service that enabled the merchant to send IMEI codes while the packages were en route to our processing facility in Miami so that they could be relabeled there before being shipped to the final destination.

The lesson: International shipping needs can change as you encounter new rules and regulations for each country; the right logistics partner is flexible enough to accommodate these challenges.

What Does Personalized Shipping Mean for Your Company?

Shipping can sometimes seem like a costly headache, but it’s also the conduit between your company and your customers. Getting shipping done right matters beyond the bottom line: it translates to an improved customer experience.

When it comes to satisfying your company’s international shipping needs, it’s important to find the right logistics partner with the right experience and local knowledge to get the job done. Our personalized approach at SkyPostal means that clients benefit from our years of knowledge in Latin America and access to a flexible logistics network from start to delivery. Contact us today if you’re looking for a more personalized approach to help ensure your company’s success in this region.