International Shipping Challenges: Choosing SkyPostal Over USPS

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International Shipping Challenges: Choosing SkyPostal Over USPS

The international shipping challenges associated with Latin America may have you thinking twice before accepting a purchase from Brazil or Mexico. When you rely on the traditional post office for shipping abroad, the lack of accountability, limited transparency, and long shipping times can discourage even the most entrepreneurial spirit.

Small, independent retailers often opt for the familiarity of post offices to make their shipments, but even low-volume retailers can benefit from partnering up with a logistics company that specializes in Latin America.


Online shopping and smartphone use continue to grow in Latin America
Online shopping and smartphone use continue to grow in Latin America. - Image source


The Latin American markets represent the largest e-commerce growth in the world. By choosing a shipping partner with years of logistics experience in the area, small independent retailers can begin growing their brands in markets that aren’t as oversaturated as North America and Europe.


SkyPostal Crushes International Shipping Challenges

SkyPostal has over 40 years of experience helping small companies overcome the international shipping challenges that create bad experiences for your customers. We operate end-to-end logistics processes with the help of trusted partners, meaning we’re in control of your package every step of the way—unlike when you ship with USPS, which hands off the package to the local postal service. While the postal service in the U.S. is great, they count on the very unreliable posts in the region, equipped with little or no technology, to deliver their packages.

For small companies looking to keep costs low while providing world-class service, SkyPostal offers many things that the USPS just can’t. Here are five reasons why we’re a safer bet:


1. Costs are Comparable or Cheaper

USPS offers several choices for shipping to Latin America, including International Priority Airmail (IPA), ePacket (Brazil only), and First Class Parcel. Shipping times range from over 20 days for IPA to 10-14 days for First Class Parcel—and none of these options can exceed 4 pounds.

SkyPostal ships packages up to 70 pounds. As parcels get heavier, our prices stay low while USPS’s costs climb.

Let’s take a real-life example: shipping a 4-pound parcel to Mexico. With USPS First Class Parcel, it will cost US $50.11 to ship and take 10-14 days. With SkyPostal, shipping is only US $11.55 and your package will arrive in 5-8 days. (See more about how our rates stack up against USPS here.)

Faster, cheaper shipping will make your customers happy and keep you competitive against local sellers and international giants like Amazon.


2. Better Final Mile Experience

Cheaper prices don’t mean you get an inferior service. Despite the well-documented logistics difficulties in Latin America, our years of experience in the region enable us to provide a better final mile experience (the shipping that happens from reception facility to final destination).

Our network of trusted partners helps ensure your packages avoid becoming the target of theft in the final mile. Plus, we make multiple delivery attempts at the final destination, unlike USPS and many other carriers.

The lack of postal standardization in Latin America means that it takes years to acquire the specialized knowledge needed to effectively manage logistics in the region. To ensure final-mile delivery success, we also allow for address corrections and changes—another difference over USPS.


3. Local Knowledge and Services


Local connections are key to customer service.
Local connections are key to customer service. - Image source


Learning the local market is critical for small businesses to succeed in Latin America. With SkyPostal, you have a logistics partner who knows the unique ins-and-outs of each country.

We understand that providing service comparable to local vendors is critical for international retailers, which is why we have local customer service representatives and call centers in every country where we do business. Your customers in Brazil, Chile, or any other area we service can speak to a real live person in their native language to troubleshoot any shipping problems.


4. Personalized Customer Experience

No matter how big or small your company is, SkyPostal is here for you. Our dedicated customer service specialists, located in-country and in the U.S., are just a phone call away and can help answer any of your questions. This is a breath of fresh air compared to USPS, where you’re pretty much in the dark once your parcel leaves your hands--the postal service offers limited visibility or accountability for the items you ship to the region.


Our friendly representatives are here to serve you.
Our friendly representatives are here to serve you. -  Image source


And did we mention that our services aren’t one-size-fits-all? We work closely with you to create a customized solution that meets the specific needs of your growing business.


5. Modern Logistics Technology

Consumer demand for fast, transparent shipping has spread across the globe thanks to Amazon. SkyPostal has kept up with these high consumer expectations, offering state-of-the-art technology to facilitate returns management, fulfillment capability, and online tracking and visibility.

The USPS can’t compete with these modern logistics services. (Learn more about how our tracking technology can integrate with your business here.)

Don’t settle for the Postal Service when you can work with a modern, experienced logistics partner who will help you overcome international shipping challenges in Latin America.


If you’d like to learn more about how our services stack up against USPS, give us a call today and one of our logistics specialists will be happy to help.