How to Avoid Shipping Holdups When Dealing with Multiple Import/Export Locations

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How to Avoid Shipping Holdups When Dealing with Multiple Import/Export Locations

How to Avoid Shipping Holdups When Dealing with Multiple Import/Export Locations

With the expansion of the trade market over the years, the need for stronger regulations has been recognized and enforced. Many companies must endure strenuous protocols and procedures due to the practice of utilizing multiple locations throughout the production process, from development to delivery. For example, shipping from China to the U.S. is quite common for the creation of different products, and then several of those products are shipped to other countries for sale. With the multiple import and export locations comes the opportunity for various hang-ups. Avoid multiple location shipping holdups by being aware of the process and some “tricks of the trade.”


Chinese Customs

China has been a strong base for trade over the years. Along with shipping from China to the U.S., other countries, such as Great Britain, have realized the benefits of such trade. The cheap labor and production costs have proven to be a strong incentive for companies to engage in exporting with this Asian country. However, Chinese Customs can prove to be quite a hassle. To help create a smoother process, there are three key elements to have in place:

  • Stay Abreast of Regulations and Fees: Make sure that you are fully aware of all regulations, rules and fees, and that you heed them.
  • Complete All Customs Documentation: Correct documentation is critical for your items and products to be able to pass through customs. Make sure that you double-check your shipments and documents to ensure that they line up.
  • Provide Details: The more detail you provide the smoother your exchange will be, because Customs will be able to identify and approve your products quicker and easier.

Having these three things in line can help to create a less hectic Customs experience.


Avoid Holdups in General

With China being a main and experienced trade center, its Customs process is quite strenuous. The expansion of trade across the world has raised cause for other countries to enhance their importing and exporting processes as well. No matter what level of trade a particular area may be at, there are a few things to watch out for to avoid holdups:

  • Damaged packages: A damaged package can prove to be dangerous, depending upon what the shipment contains. Therefore, there are rules against faulty packaging. Make sure that your items are properly packaged.
  • Missing Paperwork: The right paperwork is critical to shipping any item. This not only protects you in the case that your items are mishandled or not delivered, but it is also needed for shippers and regulators to identify items being shipped to make sure that they undergo the proper process.
  • Demurrage: These are fees or penalties that are accessed for damaged packages and missing paperwork.


By understanding and accounting for these factors, you can avoid multiple location shipping holdups.


All Together

When you ship to and from different locations, things may change a little, however there are some main practices that can help to avoid multiple location shipping holdups. Whether you are just shipping from China to the U.S. or to other countries as well, be sure that you account for the aforementioned things and you can help expedite the process.