Father’s Day International Shipping for 2019: Tricks for Selling to Latin America

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Father's Day International Shipping

Your 2019 Father’s Day international shipping needs could extend well beyond domestic sales if your company has an e-commerce presence in Latin America. While the United States celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, Latin American countries have a varied history with the holiday. Father’s Day celebrations in the region often fall at completely different times of the year.

As with Mother’s Day, if your company is shipping to Latin America on Father’s Day 2019, you’ll want to target advertising and ramp up inventory for the right dates. We’ve got you covered with key dates and Father’s Day 2019 shipping tips that will get your shipment there on time.

History of Father’s Day in Latin America

Hundreds of years before Father’s Day became an official holiday in the United States, Latin American countries with strong Catholic roots had already established a special day to celebrate fathers. In the Middle Ages, the feast day of St. Joseph was held on March 19, and the Spanish and Portuguese brought this tradition with them when they came to Latin America. Because St. Joseph was considered the stepfather of Jesus, people in countries such as Bolivia and Honduras express appreciation for the father figures in their lives in addition to St. Joseph himself on this historical feast day.

Similarly, Brazilians celebrate Father’s Day, or Dia dos Pais, near the traditional feast day of St. Joachim. Some consider St. Joachim to be the father of Mary, the mother of Jesus. When Sylvio Bhering popularized Father’s Day in Brazil in the 1950s, the second Sunday in August was a natural fit since St. Joachim was already celebrated on August 16.

Key Dates in Latin America for Father’s Day 2019 International Shipping

Father’s Day celebrations in Latin America extend from March through August. If you’ll be shipping to Latin America on Father’s Day 2019, make sure to begin planning early.


Father’s Day 2019 celebrates the special bond between dads and their kids, no matter what country they’re from.
Father’s Day 2019 celebrates the special bond between dads and their kids, no matter what country they’re from. - image source


Here are the Father’s Day 2019 dates in countries throughout Latin America:

  • March 19: Bolivia, Honduras

  • June 16 (third Sunday in June): Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela

  • June 17: El Salvador, Guatemala

  • June 23: Nicaragua

  • July 19 (the second Sunday in July): Uruguay

  • July 28 (the last Sunday in July): Dominican Republic

  • August 11 (the second Sunday in August): Brazil

Honoring Fathers in Latin America Today

Fathers are important in families around the world, of course, but in Latin America they’re especially revered for their commitment and closeness to their families. Fathers are seen as the protectors of the household, and families tend to be very close-knit and include extended family. For example, it’s common for grandparents to live with their grandchildren and be involved in their upbringing. Because of this, grandfathers are typically honored on Father’s Day as well.


Many Latin American cultures also celebrate grandfathers on Father’s Day.
Many Latin American cultures also celebrate grandfathers on Father’s Day. - image source


To honor all of the father figures in their lives, Latin Americans often take to e-commerce channels to find gifts for Father’s Day. Over 44% of young shoppers ages 18-24 years planned to shop online for the holiday, according to Visa. Online shopping is on the rise in LatAm countries, and Father’s Day 2019 international shipping demands are likely to be strong.

Among the top three most popular products bought as Father’s Day gifts are clothing, computer accessories, and electronics, accounting for a combined total of $4 billion in purchases. Men’s grooming products and home improvement/gardening items are next on the list, amounting to $890 million in purchases (combined).

Father’s Day 2019 Shipping Tips

For companies with products that are prime for Father’s Day 2019 international shipping, the time to prep is now. Below are some tips to help you make the most of this opportunity.

1. Localize your web presence

Localizing your website is the first step in welcoming international customers. Make sure your SEO marketing plan and social media posts take into account the various Father’s Day 2019 dates for each country your website visitors are from.

2. Find a strong shipping partner

Logistics in Latin America often represent a significant chunk of the cost of a product, substantially larger than in many other areas. Because of the varying degrees of infrastructure across Latin and South America, delivery can be difficult and involve many requirements. A consistent and secure international shipping company can ensure your customers’ Father’s Day 2019 purchases arrive intact and on time.

3. Give your team a head’s up

Make sure your inventory and order fulfillment teams know when to expect a bump in orders. For instance, if you have a lot of Brazilian customers (one of the top 10 largest e-commerce markets in the world), you might be moving much more product at the end of July and beginning of August due to Brazilian Father’s Day celebrations.

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