Extending Holiday Season Sales with Three Kings’ Day

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Extending Holiday Season Sales

For retailers wondering how to go about extending holiday season sales, Three Kings’ Day in Latin America is the perfect opportunity. In most Latin American countries, the celebration and giving season continues beyond Christmas day and into early January. Since customers are usually eagerly awaiting all the post-Christmas deals, retailers can benefit by providing this additional shopping opportunity to customers while also strengthening the close of their calendar year.

With the holiday shopping season continuing to expand, the Three Kings’ Day holiday is sure to generate more orders to Latin America. We have some Three Kings’ Day shipping tips to ensure your customers receive their packages on time.

Why is Three Kings’ Day Celebrated in Latin America?

While most people wrap up their Christmas holiday on December 25th, many Latin Americans extend it for another 12 days and finish up the season with Three Kings’ Day on January 6th. Known in Spanish as El Día de Los Reyes Magos or El Día de los Reyes, this Christian holiday honors the Three Wise Men, or Three Kings, who brought gifts to baby Jesus after his birth. In the Catholic church, Three Kings’ Day is also referred to as the Feast of the Epiphany, symbolizing the end of the Christmas season and honoring Jesus as the Son of God.

The biblical story explains that the Three Kings brought baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Latin America celebrates by bringing gifts to its children from the Three Kings. As a result, many new traditions in Latin America have emerged to make Three Kings’ Day just as celebratory as Christmas, from baking Three Kings Bread (rosca de reyes) with a plastic baby Jesus baked inside, to leaving out hay and water for the Three Kings the night before.


Three Kings’ Day is a popular Latin American holiday that is ripe for international e-commerce sales.
Three Kings’ Day is a popular Latin American holiday that is ripe for international e-commerce sales. - image source


For children in Latin America, the Three Kings are just as beloved as Santa Claus. It’s for this reason that extending holiday season sales with Three Kings’ Day sales and promotions can help retailers provide more shopping opportunities to fulfill their customers’ gift-giving needs. Making sure these packages get shipped to Latin America efficiently is crucial to a successful Three Kings’ Day holiday.

Extending Holiday Season Sales by Maximizing Three Kings’ Day Shipping Orders

Avoid the stress of your customers’ packages getting delayed and wondering whether they’ve made the shipping deadlines this holiday season. As e-commerce retailers, you should be strategic in preparing your inventory, tracking, and taking additional precautions to avoid any shipping delays. Extending holiday season sales for Three Kings’ Day is a smart strategy for maximizing orders for shipping to Latin America since there’s a 12-day window of opportunity for customers to receive their packages. Here are more tips to maximize your Three Kings’ Day shipping orders this season.

Get Ahead of the Trend

In 2018, Cyber Monday broke records with a staggering 7.9 billion dollars spent in online holiday shopping. Based on Adobe Analytics from last year, 2019 predictions suggest a 25% increase in online sales during Black Friday alone. Add to that the fact that the number of e-commerce customers in Latin America is expected to rise this year to 155.5 million people, and it’s clear that opportunities abound for extended holiday sales.

Start capitalizing on the online shopping trend by extending holiday season sales and increasing your bandwidth for Three Kings’ Day shipping to Latin America. As always, your holiday shipping preparation should also include planning ahead, increasing inventory, and partnering with an experienced LatAm logistics provider to help keep shipping costs and times low ahead of the influx of online orders.

Promote Surplus Stocking Stuffers

A popular Three Kings’ Day tradition in Latin America involves families and children leaving their shoes at the front door for the three kings to leave them small gifts. This tradition lends itself perfectly to stocking stuffer-sized presents, from small toys, stuffed animals, and trinkets to socks, mittens, costume jewelry, and makeup. With stocking stuffer surplus a likelihood after the Christmas rush, pushing promotions on these items is likely a smart sales strategy.


Three Kings’ Day gifts like small stuffed animals are ideal for extending holiday season sales in LatAm.
Three Kings’ Day gifts like small stuffed animals are ideal for extending holiday season sales in LatAm. -image source


Offer Special Three Kings’ Day Shipping Promotions

Many retailers have popularized online shopping even more with special two-day shipping deals to drive more sales during the holidays. Remove any online shopping friction points by offering shipping promotions – even if it’s just $10 off shipping fees (free international shipping isn’t usually realistic) – that can be helpful in extending holiday season sales and give the customer more incentive to shop for what they want online in time for Three Kings’ Day.

Offering a special Three Kings’ Day shipping promotion can distinguish this highly-celebrated holiday in Latin America from the Christmas season and incentivize customers to participate in a stress-free shopping and shipping experience.

SkyPostal is Here for Your Three Kings’ Day Shipping Needs

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