Cross Border Shipping Challenges: Choosing SkyPostal Over DHL

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Cross Border Shipping Challenges

The cross border shipping challenges associated with doing business in Latin America are well documented. While the high cost of logistics and the complexity of tariffs and customs may be a deterrent to some businesses, these issues can be resolved by working with a logistics provider with experience in the region.

A rapidly blossoming digital economy combined with underutilized capital make Latin America a great place to expand into for many companies, according to International Policy Digest. But it takes the right strategic logistics plan to avoid the cross border shipping challenges that can plague even the largest international retailers.

In order to run a successful international retail business in Latin America, companies require the support, technology, and flexibility that make managing thousands of orders a month possible. Some logistics companies, like DHL, require businesses to compromise in these areas in order to ship to Latin America.


Logistics capabilities continue to improve in countries like Brazil, where this warehouse is located.
Logistics capabilities continue to improve in countries like Brazil, where this warehouse is located. - Image source


In this post, we’ll address how partnering with SkyPostal, a company with four decades of experience in Latin American logistics, can provide international retailers with more robust logistics support—like returns processing and fulfillment capabilities—all while offering significantly cheaper prices.


How SkyPostal Alleviates Cross Border Shipping Challenges

Shipping to Latin America requires specialized knowledge and experience that can only be gained over many years. SkyPostal’s experience and the local relationships we’ve cultivated allow us to overcome common cross border shipping challenges and offer benefits to international retailers that DHL simply can’t match in the region.

Let’s explore four of the most important ways that choosing SkyPostal can upgrade your Latin American logistics experience.

  1. SkyPostal Is Cheaper

Everyone loves to save money, and when you choose SkyPostal to ship your packages to Latin America you can save 50-75% per package compared to DHL Express Worldwide. On top of being cheaper per-package, we don’t add additional handling charges to recipients at the destination like DHL does. These savings can be passed on to your customers to make you more competitive against local and global competitors.

Even though SkyPostal is cheaper than DHL, that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing delivery time. Our average delivery time to Mexico and Brazil is 3-7 days, which isn’t far off the 2-4-day average of DHL Express Worldwide.

  1. Local Customer Service

According to Logistics Management, improving customer service is one of the biggest current hurdles for shipping carriers. But for international retailers whose business success rests on providing an outstanding customer experience, it’s important to provide local customer service.

Counting on local customer service representatives not only ensures that your company can provide timely support to your customers on the other side of the equator, it means that your customers are talking to representatives who are familiar with the language and culture.

Unlike DHL, SkyPostal has a network of local customer service companies in every country we ship to that can help manage your customers’ inquiries.

  1. Modern Logistics Conveniences

Shipping to Latin America doesn’t mean giving up the shipping service that you—and your customers—have come to expect. Thanks to our deep networks in every country where we do business, SkyPostal handles returns management and offers fulfillment capabilities from convenient locations. The modern logistics conveniences that we deliver for Latin America are something that DHL simply can’t match.

Plus, SkyPostal offers two proprietary technologies, TechBase and TechSync, that allow for varying levels of integration with your business software.

  1. Personalized Solutions

We know that data and logistics are the lifeblood of your company, which is why our team of Latin American shipping experts will work side-by-side with you to create the perfect solution for your business and customers.

Thanks to our years of experience, we’re able to attend to the small details that make all the difference in logistics. For example, we accept electronic customs documentation, and we can simplify the duty collection process by collecting fees prior to shipping. Whatever your business’s specific needs or challenges, SkyPostal has the expertise and flexibility to find a solution that works for you.


By choosing SkyPostal as your Latin American logistics partner, you can leave behind the cross border shipping challenges of DHL. Learn more about our personalized solutions by contacting us today.